Oceanographer describe the complex traits of the ocean. They research pollution and climate change and how that affects the ocean. They also look at the types of animal that inhabit the ocean.

Anca Gray

Egg shell art - Art by Anca Gray. "hundreds of egg shells, broken down just so, into thousands of pieces, painted delicately with layers of acrylic paint, fitted together like a giant puzzle for which i lacked the solution.


vases Tuesday Ten: Falling for Fall Flowers yellow bird teacups This flower arrangment - so simple & beautiful Summer beach wedding flower a.

Sea turtle in Tenerife

Sea turtle in Tenerife, Canary Islands. I don't know about you, but I love sea turtles!

Green, purple, gray: Euphorbia characias 'Dwarf' (backmost), Eupatorium sordidum (purple), Cotyledon orbiculata (gray).

'Euphorbia characias ‘Dwarf’ (green), Eupatorium sordidum (purple) and Cotyledon orbiculata var. orbiculata (silver) holding court in a part shade garden