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Little Cutie Chick! (This web site gives info: backyard chickens 101 - how to select and keep chickens.) I never knew!

-Chickens in rustic doorway, Provence, France

Chickens in rustic doorway, Provence, France My 2 favorite things. Interesting doors and chickens!

Provence, France. Window, farm chickens and chicks. <3

and all the little chickens in the garden (part of the chorus from an Irish folk song) I swear.if I gave my chickens the option they would be looking at me from the outside right next to the Western Bluebirds.

It's so cold I can see my breath when I'm crowing, maybe I should just go back to the roost & wait til Spring comes.......

Rooster on a fence post - Early morning on the farm.good morning wake up call!


I love Roosters and chickens.got a bunch of these beauties in picture, rug, nic nacs all over my kitchen farm animals

adorable little baby chickens

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. adorable little baby chickens

King of the farm

King of the Farm, Rule of the Roost, Cock of the Walk, he& one fine Rooster!

Querida amiga ¿Es cierto que la gente nos come y que hacemos buen caldo?

Rooster & Mother Hen talking It over ! Whats You take on this PaPa Rooster? Cock a Doodle Do! This Snow is for the *Birds, that can Fly South for the Winter!

with-grace-and-guts: Kat Goldin

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