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Bowline On A Bight

How to tie a Bowline on a bight with animations and step by step illustrations.

Simple and functional plan of the day: Swing-Out Tool Bar Plans Space is almost always at a premium in a woodworking shop. Especially when it comes to wall space. So I’m always looking for ways to “increase” the usable space I have. That’s the idea behind this wall-mounted tool bar shown in the drawing at …

Woodworking Tips: Swing-Out Tool Bar .wall-mounted tool bar shown in the drawing at right. Besides holding a number of hand tools, the bar swings out from the wall. This provides easy access to additional tools mounted behind the tool bar.

Driftwood Shelf, Drift Wood Shelf, Shelf, Wood Shelf, Corbel

This would be cool with the right piece of driftwood. Cut driftwood, a fallen log/branch or piece of salvaged wood at an angle and mount on the wall for a natural looking shelf.

Buntline Hitch

How to tie a buntline hitch with illustrated and animated examples