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No sad beige nurseries here 🫡 We love @blacklacquerdesign's eye for color and maximalism in every space. #myFLOR ❤️ Shop Hello Dottie. https://bit.ly/3y3TzWM
Maximalist Nursery
No sad beige nurseries here 🫡 We love @blacklacquerdesign's eye for color and maximalism in every space. #myFLOR ❤️ Shop Hello Dottie. https://bit.ly/3y3TzWM
an indoor play area for children with slides and climbing equipment on the floor, in front of a large sign that says'my happy place '
Made You Look in Kiwi Area Rug
Any space with FLOR is our happy place 🤗 Shop all of our styles, including this season's latest looks, with 25% off site—ENDING SOON! https://bit.ly/3yP9Ajz
an orange chair sitting in front of a window with potted plants on top of it
Glam Modern Living Room Decor | FLOR Anthracite - Metallic Rug
Sophistication that shines 💎 The subtle shimmer of metallic threads makes this rug style stand out. Shop Anthracite with free shipping. 📸: @mcyia
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a wall mounted tv
Modern Living Room Checkered Print Rug | FLOR On The Square
Give classic checkerboard a fresh spin with this asymmetrical style ✔️ Thanks for sharing this #myFLOR, @plyinteriors! Shop On The Square. https://bit.ly/3O8VH4p
a living room filled with furniture and lots of colorful rugs on top of a wooden floor
Eclectic Loft Space | FLOR | Made You Look & In The Deep
From morning coffees to family game nights, this eclectic loft does it all in style with a custom FLOR rug. 🙌 Shop now with 15% off + free shipping. https://bit.ly/47p25v7 📸: @steveandfilip
a black and white rug on the floor next to a bed
Modern Bedroom Design | FLOR Zera
Boo! There's no bad dreams here with style this good. 👻 Shop now with free shipping sitewide until Midnight ET—including style Zera! https://bit.ly/3Qa5ZBF
a kitchen with an island and shelves filled with bottles, glasses, and other items
Kitchen Hosting Inspiration | FLOR It's Snow Problem
White in a kitchen? Not spooky at all. 👻 With washable and replaceable tiles, you'll never be afraid to cook. Shop style It's Snow Problem, now with free shipping! https://bit.ly/3ZNl9B6
an assortment of different colored rugs on top of each other in various shapes and sizes
Gold Home Inspiration | FLOR Chasing Pavement
Your dream palette just became a reality 🤩 Shop your favorite styles now with 15% off + free shipping during our surprise sale! https://bit.ly/3Lgy1cG 📸: @materialbank
a yellow chair sitting on top of a rug next to a wooden table with a white and black pillow
Bright Modern Design | FLOR Freshen Up
Like a cool breeze on a sunny day, this style feels refreshing wherever it goes. ☀️ Shop new style, Freshen Up. https://bit.ly/3LdISEB
a living room filled with furniture and a chess board on top of a glass table
Cozy Living Room Look | FLOR On The Dot
This night is sparkling ✨Make your space feel enchanting with this rug featuring metallic threads. Thanks for sharing! Shop On The Dot. #myFLOR 📸: @spatialcompass https://bit.ly/3P5KscA
a large black rug in front of a window with a couch and pillows on it
Moody Modern Design | FLOR Zera
Stone cold stunner 🤩 This rich style captures the infinite elegance of marbled stone. Shop Zera. https://bit.ly/3P5KscA
a living room with a green couch and two lamps on the side tables in front of it
Contemporary Living Room | FLOR Skyfall
Fawning over this style 🦌 Incorporate animal print in your space for a classic, contemporary look—like this antelope print rug! Shop Doe Re Mi. 📸: @makr.design https://bit.ly/45qtIUh
a living room filled with furniture and lots of windows
Modern Living Room Design | FLOR Skipping Rope
Create your zen oasis 🧘‍♀️ Find your happy place with this zen style in soothing neutral colors. Shop Skipping Rope with 20% off. https://bit.ly/47KJkDT
a dining room table with six chairs and four lights hanging from it's ceiling
Modern Rustic Dining Room | FLOR Suit Yourself
FLOR is perfect for a sleek and simple design. We're loving the vibe in this dining room set up! 🌵 Shop Suit Yourself. https://bit.ly/45Hc8vd 📸: @spatialcompass
an elegant dining room with chandelier and table
Maximalist Interior Design | FLOR Heavy Metal - Metallic Rug
Talk about wow factor 🤩 This maximalist design features a show-stopping patterned rug with metallic threading. Shop Heavy Metal with 25% off. #myFLOR https://bit.ly/4423kyu 📸: @caireenkennedy