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Wow your guests from the moment they walk in with a stunning entryway.
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two black vases sitting on top of a rug in front of a wooden table
Spring Entryway Design | FLOR | California Dreaming - Neutral Pattern Rug
Flowers are blooming, birds are singing—and we're adding to cart with 15% OFF sitewide + free shipping 🌹 Wake up and smell the roses with our latest spring styles, now on sale sitewide!
a table with a pair of glasses on top of it next to a wicker bench
Braided Rugs Inspiration | FLOR Skipping Rope
Don't skip out on this style ⏪ The woven rope texture of this versatile braided rug adds a layer of artful elegance. Tap to shop new style, Skipping Rope.
a clean entryway with blue cabinets and baskets on the wall, along with a beige area rug
Coastal Entryway Runner Rug Inspiration | FLOR Be Cool - Cobalt
Looking for a handmade look? This rug style is inspired by traditional weaving techniques—with a modern twist and a wide range of colors. Shop Be Cool with 15% off + free shipping.
a black and white area rug in front of a large window with potted plant
Checkered Rugs - Checkerboard Print Decor | FLOR On The Square
We're giving the classic checkerboard pattern a fresh spin with this asymmetrical layering of squares and rectangles. ☑️ Discover our new style, On The Square with 25% off.
a white hallway with blue doors and a rug on the floor next to an entryway
Coastal Sisal Entryway Runner Rug | FLOR Suit Yourself
Welcome to the Lowcountry 🌾 Charleston's natural beauty and elegance take a step back in time, with a backdrop of oak trees and Spanish moss. Get the look with Suit Yourself!
two chairs sitting in front of a table with plates on the wall behind it and a potted plant
Durable Runner Rugs | FLOR Level Setting
Style check: kitchens and entryways 🙌 Tightly woven, low-profile rows make this classic striped rug truly durable—perfect for high-traffic areas. Shop Level Setting with 25% off during the final hours of our spring sale!
a black and white area rug in front of a staircase
MCM Entryway | FLOR | Twisted Spokes
Sophisticated fun 🤸‍♀️ Bringing dimension and interest, this playful graphic pattern is fun for both kids and adults. Shop Twisted Spokes.
a living room area with a rug, table and art on the wall
Glam Entry Way | FLOR | Heavy Metal
Go big or go home 🔊 Wowing your guests is as easy as rolling out this rug's show-stopping pattern featuring metallic threading for an extra dazzling effect. Shop Heavy Metal.
the hallway is decorated with art and framed pictures on the wall, along with a rug
Entry Runner Rug | FLOR | Savile Row
Out of the blue 💙 From the entryway to the bedroom and everywhere in between, settle into the cooling comfort of these blue-colored tones. Shop Savile Row during our Fall Sale with 25% off.
a living room area with a rug, plant and glass door leading to an office
Moody Runner | FLOR | Doe Re Mi
Seamless luxury 🍃 Defined by its perfectly blended antelope pattern, this rug reflects a contemporary take on a classic style. Shop Doe Re Mi with 25% off.
a black and white hallway with a large rug on the floor next to a door
Entryway Runner | FLOR | Small Talk
Dapper essentials 💎 This geometric patterned rug can upgrade any room in a matter of seconds with its minimalist style and soft yet durable nature. Shop Small Talk during our sample sale to get 3 free samples + shipping included.
a painting hangs on the wall above a bench in front of a door with a potted plant
Abstract Entryways | FLOR | Like Minded
Little miss sunshine ☀️ Cheerful, contrasting colors come together to create a tight-lined design with perfect balance. Shop Like Minded now with 15% off + free shipping.
an area rug with blue and white designs on it in front of a wooden table
Patriotic Entry Looks | FLOR | Skyfall
Give your space the Mid-Century treatment with this vintage-inspired rug that is positively patriotic. 🇺🇸 Kick off the 4th of July with our limited-time sale and get 25% off + shipping on us, including style Skyfall.
a black and white hallway with a large rug on the floor next to a door
Durable Entryway Runners | FLOR | Open-Invitation
Come on in 🚪 Welcome your guests with a sisal-inspired rug that's as durable as it is stylish. Shop Open Invitation during our sample sale with three free samples + shipping included.
a living room area with a rug, table and pictures on the wall above it
Woven Runner Rug | FLOR | Hemline
Starlight in the night 💫 Speckled with organic dots, this understated rug is woven with dark and light threads for a stylish foundation. Shop Hemline.