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the hallway is decorated in modern art and has an area rug with circles on it
Half Moon Rug Design | FLOR Made You Look
This fan-favorite rug style features a half-moon design created with Made You look! 🌙 Shop now with 25% off.
a living room with a red couch and black and white rug
Square Tile Flooring Sample Sale | FLOR Scenic Route
Picking just one is so last year 💅 Shop 5️⃣ FREE SAMPLES + shipping included on all your favorite styles sitewide. ENDS TONIGHT!
a white wall covered in lots of different types of tiles and wood pieces on top of each other
Maximalist Rug Tile Patterns | FLOR
This one is for the ✨ maximalists ✨ Order 5 FREE samples + shipping included to try all of your most-loved FLOR styles. 📸: @materialbank
the living room is clean and ready for guests to use it as a focal point
Functional Living Room | FLOR | Fancy Free
Curated classics 💎 Traditional-style rugs are fundamental pieces to creating an aesthetic that can stand the test of time. Shop our surprise sale with 15% off + free shipping, including new style Fancy Free.
an area rug in front of a table with a lamp on it and wallpaper behind it
Abstract Hallway Design | FLOR | Terrain
A touch of blush 😊 With a rug inspired by abstract art, this organic design is versatile enough to spice up any space. Shop style Terrain with free shipping while it lasts.
a large open living room with couches and chairs
Office Space With a View | FLOR | Anthracite
We love an office space with a view 🏙 Elevate your mid-day meetings with a sophistication that shines, like this FLOR favorite that features shimmering metallic threads. Thanks for sharing, @interiorzgroupofficial! Shop Anthracite.
the living room is clean and ready for guests to use it as a focal point
Elegant Living Room Design | FLOR | Fancy Free
Fine like wine 🍷 Soft underfoot and crafted to last, this elegant rug style only gets better with time. Try our newest style, Fancy Free, during our sample sale with three free samples, shipping on us.
a living room area with a rug, table and art on the wall
Glam Entry Way | FLOR | Heavy Metal
Go big or go home 🔊 Wowing your guests is as easy as rolling out this rug's show-stopping pattern featuring metallic threading for an extra dazzling effect. Shop Heavy Metal.
the living room is clean and ready for us to use
Checkerboard Rug | FLOR | Check It Out
Now trending: checkboard ✔️ Create a chic scene that is anything but inside the box with this fashion-favorite checked print. Get in on the trend with new style Check It Out, with 25% off until Midnight ET.
a living room with two blue couches and a coffee table
Blue Moody Living Room | FLOR | A Muse Me Signature Rug
Colorful allure ✨ This symmetrical design brings a calm, meditative mood to any space. Don't miss the final days to customize your own look with 25% off. Shop our newest styles, including the A Muse Me Signature Rug.
a dining room table with chairs and stools in front of an open glass door
Moody Dining Room | FLOR | Ticket To Ride
Straight and narrow 🖤 Get your style in order with this flatweave-inspired rug that has linear simplicity and is durable to boot—perfect for gatherings. Shop Ticket To Ride with 25% off.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in the middle of a room
MCM Living Room | FLOR | Lunaire Signature Rug
Inspired by the night sky 🌕 This half-moon design tastefully blends the neutral elements of this mid-century modern living space. Shop the Lunaire Signature Rug with 25% off. 📸: @thevuvobandit @breathedesign
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in the middle of a room
Modern Living Room | FLOR | Splish Splash
Modern Harmony 🤍 Give your home a modern twist, from rounded curves that meet straight edges to shades of neutral hues. Shop style Splish Splash with 25% off during our Fall sale.
a living room area with a rug, plant and glass door leading to an office
Moody Runner | FLOR | Doe Re Mi
Seamless luxury 🍃 Defined by its perfectly blended antelope pattern, this rug reflects a contemporary take on a classic style. Shop Doe Re Mi with 25% off.
an orange rug is in the middle of a room with two chairs and a table
Bold Workspaces | FLOR | Down To Earth
Hit the reset button 🔘 With school just around the corner, take this time to reset your homework nook, home office, and other multifunctional spaces with a new rug for a fresh start. Shop Down To Earth.