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the words yes, my dog has a middle name
some people don't understand why my dog means so much to me that s ok my dog does
Love my dogs
a quote that reads, i'm a grown adult and i do exactly what i want
a dog sitting in front of a blue background with the caption did you seriously just ask me if i wanted a treat? have i ever said no
a black and white poster with the words no, really i'm late because my dog wouldn't poop
i like to party and by party i mean sit on the couch with my dog and eat snacks
a black background with the words, my dog acts like he can't hear his name being called from 5 feet away
a K-9's selective hearing
a quote that reads i really really really really really really really really really love my dog
an image with the words, shortcut to everyone who works hard to support their dog's extravagant life style
a quote that reads, if i trust you with my dog i trust you with my life
a boy standing next to a dog with the caption'to you it's just an animal, but to me it is a furry little person with four legs
the words i only love my bed and my mama are in black on a white background
Also food & walks