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a painting hanging on the wall next to a table
Blog | JENNIFER LANNE | Artist
Blog | JENNIFER LANNE | Artist
gold bars are stacked on top of each other and being held by someone's hand
the letters are made up of different colored yarns and paper straws with scissors on them
Karen Barbé | Designer, embroiderer, and author
Karen Barbé | Designer, embroiderer, and author
Bird painting on gold leaf paper, chinoiserie style!
I'm using my set of chinoiserie paintbrushes and gouache paint to create this beautiful bird resting on a blossom brand on gold metal leaf paper. This painting is part of my new collection of originals 'Garden of Secrets', available now!
several vases with flowers in them on a shelf next to each other and plates
a painting of a woman with flowers in her hand
Tetyana Erhart digital Art 💙💛
Created in Midjourney