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Alfred Hitchcock said that Zadar Croatia had the most beautiful sunsets... and he was right!

Beautiful Sunsets in Zadar

Zadar - The most beautiful sunsets in the world; A claim made by Alfred Hitchcock in The Zadar sunset met all expectations. A stunning sight to see.

Mont Fuji - Japon

Beautiful sunrise over Mount Fuji in Japan, by What a great travel destination. I made it to Japan traveling solo but Mt Fuji never looked like this.

5 types of tummies and how to get rid of each of them.

The mixture we have for you today is a powerful natural laxative that you can easily prepare at home. It contains prunes, a fruit rich in fiber that will improve your digestion and treat problems[.

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A look at the lavish Rivera del Rio boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Rivera del Rio in Puerto Vallarta

A look at the lavish Rivera del Rio boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.