This is actually the EXACT layout of our sink, window, and dishwasher. VERY small L... wouldnd visually block seating area behind L. Im getting convinced.

27 Space-Saving Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

This compact kitchen feels larger than it is because of its color scheme of neutrals and whites. A large farmhouse sink and a breakfast bar give this kitchen its cottage charm. (Photo: Tria Giovan) Don't rail against your small space: use it creatively!

Mieszkanie ma 32m2 powierzchni. Mimo niewielkich rozmiarów jest wszystko czego potrzebujemy do życia: sypialnia (na antresoli), duża sofa, aneks kuchenny i łazienka.

Modern studio apartments offer an exciting challenge. Many designers offer solutions for small studios and we shall show you some studio apartment ideas.