Cute Kitchen

Дизайн кухни 12 кв. м (28 фото). Новинки 2016-2017

This is actually the EXACT layout of our sink, window, and dishwasher. VERY small L... wouldnd visually block seating area behind L. Im getting convinced.

27 Space-Saving Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

This compact kitchen feels larger than it is because of its color scheme of neutrals and whites. A large farmhouse sink and a breakfast bar give this kitchen its cottage charm. (Photo: Tria Giovan) Don't rail against your small space: use it creatively!

petit espace


Chic is not exactly the first word that comes to mind when we think of studio apartments. But if you’re moving into your first studio apartment, or simply living in a city with astronomical rent prices. You should also base… Continue Reading →

Salle à manger ouverte sur le séjour et la cuisine.

Love the idea of alternating colors for the dining chairs. The whole concept fits nicely

Un chalet actual para una joven pareja y su familia

comedor y cocina abiertos en tonos blancos