Nazi propaganda poster. Winston Churchill.

Racist, anti Jewish Nazi propaganda poster, with Winston Churchill. The message was that he was secretly a drunk and a Jew.

Cold War Propaganda Cartoon. What does this cartoon suggest about the state of people in the Soviet Union?

I think this is communism because the peoples hands are handcuffed between soviet people and then American people is by itself

This is just a classic and iconic picture. Everyone has seen this and I think every history teacher shoul have one these. They are awesome! It is a classical WW2 poster for advertising for Military recruiting especially during the draft.

In World War posters were used to help to keep the country motivated and believing in the great war. WWII propaganda posters were also a big part of disseminating the governments message. Rosie the Riveter may be one of the most famous examples.

Cool Sino Soviet Propaganda Images - Magazine - China Underground

So as a reaction to the recently passed anti-gay laws, Russian gay rights activists have taken various Soviet propaganda posters and adapted them into pride posters instead.

Cold War Poster.

"this is what happens to fascist beasts" soviet WWII poster, includes american and british flags despite americans being willing to let fascists kill all the jews in hopes they'd also kill all the communists.