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animal crossing - new horizons
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Here's All my Map designs so far! Please help me lmao
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Shaded Garden
Finally got around to making a hedge garden of my own!
My first entrance design! My Resident Services is nowhere close to the entrance, and I didn’t have the room to make a grand entrance with fountains and statues, so I made do with what I had. It’s not much, but I’m satisfied nonetheless! Hello from (a very rainy) Kittyville!
Animal Crossing Characters
• Kika🍃~ on Twitter
Animal Crossing Qr Codes Clothes
The only area done in my island: the entrance! :)
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My new gardening workshop! 🌱
ごま@いろはにほへ島 on Twitter
ごま@いろはにほへ島 on Twitter
My take on a public park 🥰
My take on a public park 🥰