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Kingsguard armor (Game of Thrones)

This is a picture of the armor of a knight. This armor would protect them in battle. It would help stop arrows and swords from piercing a knights skin. The armor protected you well, but it was heavy which meant it slowed down a knights stamina.

hand with mystic symbols

babylonsidhe: The Hand of the Mysteries goes by many other names, including the Hand of the Master Mason, Hand of the Philosopher, and the Emblematic Hand of Mysteries. (via Hand of the Mysteries - Alchemy symbol of transformation)

Brian Edward Miller

It's undeniable that being a freelance illustrator has its challenges. Warnings of never being able to support yourself would have been given to most with artistic ambitions at some point along the.

Great helm, Heaume, Topfhelm, 14th century. Iron. Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg

design-is-fine: “Great helm, Heaume, Topfhelm, century. Hans Rieter zu Kornburg was the owner of this helm. It was designed for knights on horseback.