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two images side by side, one with yellow and black triangles on it the other shows a man walking past an abstractly designed wall
Designer’s Quest(ionnaire) | Heather Noddings
Design Feast | Designer’s Quest(ionnaire) | Heather Noddings
a wooden pole with three signs on it in front of some grass and yellow flowers
Causeway Coastal Route — Tandem: Ireland's leading interpretation design consultancy
a sign in the middle of a dirt field
Pin by Mi Re on ::SIGNAGE | Signage design, Exterior signage, Park signage
Central Signs | Signage, Directional, Illuminated, Wayfinding, Architectural | Kirrawee NSW:
a wooden pole with a yellow sign on it next to a river and bridge in the background
Prêmio Bornancini 2012 – Categorias Sinalização e Mobiliário Urbano
Prêmio Bornancini 2012 – Categorias Sinalização e Mobiliário Urbano
people sitting on benches with laptops and backpacks
срок регистрации доменного имени истек
» Парклеты, которые вы обязательно захотите иметь в своем городе Это интересно!
two people walking down a sidewalk next to a sign on the side of a road
Asociación de Directores de Arte y Diseñadores Gráficos del FAD | ADG-FAD
Bronce Laus 2013 | Gráfica aplicada en espacios | Título: Senyalització Parc Riu Llobregat | Autor: Clase bcn | Cliente: Área Metropolitana de Barcelona
a man standing in front of a wooden structure with a map on it's side
Studio LR
two dogs are sitting on the beach looking at something in front of them and there is a sign with information
On the beach
two wooden signs on the side of a path
Groupe PIC BOIS - Les panneaux directionnels et le balisage de randonnée
Lac des Cordeliers
a wooden pole with a map on it and trees in the backgrouds
Zoloto Group
В ходе работы нужно было решить очень сложную задачу: как сделать парк современным, не нарушив... #городскаясреда #концепцияразвития #культурныепроекты
two signs are posted next to each other on a wooden pole with trees in the background
Heine Jones
Wilsons Promontory National Park | Heine Jones
two signs on the wall that are attached to each other with orange trim around them
Sinalização Royal College of Art