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Like many people who live in an older home, my wife and I struggled to find an organized place to put our shoes and coats once we came in the door. We also wanted a place for our toddler to sit as we put on his shoes. As you can see from the first picture, I had an open space behind where my backdoor opens that became a shoe dumping area. We have a coat closet, but it is small and in an inconvenient area. So we attempted Living Without A Closet.

Mud Room - Coat Rack and Bench

Дизайн трехкомнатной квартиры 100 кв м | Студия LESH

Дизайн трехкомнатной квартиры 100 кв м | Студия LESH

2014 PVC pipe repurposed into shoe organization.  Good idea in the kitchen closet behind the hangers............

*I love the mirror behind the storage. Just need to make sure the pipe is big enough for boots.DIY PVC shoe storage for me! What a great idea! Wonder if it would work in our entry way. Too many shoes floating around!

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Dunno if full wall will make the entrance too small?