World Travel Moscow Print by Shelby Roddeffer & Joel Anderson -I've never been here, but how beautiful is this poster?

Спокойной ночи (плакаты по технике безопасности в СССР)

In Soviet Russia, accident prevent you! That’s the message rendered in classic commie-propaganda style via these thirty soviet accident prevention posters.


We’re huge fans of ILoveDust, we already talked about them, but I just found this wonderful poster series. New York, London and Moscow, a new series for an exhibition in NYC.


A trip begins when you dream it - Russia

A trip begins when you dream it: This is the Siberia, Russia illustration that was illustrated by Mexican Graphic designer Jose Guizar.


Russian apartment building- not sure that I would call this graffiti although that is the term I used to find it.

Звездный городок. Strana.Ru

Звездный городок. Strana.Ru

Retro Auto Museum

Retro Auto Museum