Resurrection - Mikhail Vrubel

Our Morning Offering - February 14 I Love You Lord Jesus My love above all things I repent with my whole heart for having offended You Never permit me to separate myself from You again And grant that I may love You always.

Михаил Врубель.     Ангел с кадилом и свечой.    Mikhail Vrubel.    Angel with censer and candle.

Mikhail Vrubel - Angel with censer and candle, 1887 Sketch for wall-painting of the cathedral of St. Vladimir in Kiev The Museum of Russian Art, Kiev, Ukraine

Михаил Врубель - Mikhail Vrubel Принцесса Лебедь - The Swan Princess  -1900

Mikhail Vrubel Morning 1897 The Swan Princess 1900 Fallen Demon 1901

Михаил Врубель

Михаил Врубель

Mikhail Vrubel. Flying demon.

Date: Unknown Technique: The paper, black watercolor, bleached Source

Moses, by Mikhail Vrubel, 1884

Head of Demon, 1890 by Mikhail Vrubel. Museum of Russian Art (Tereshchenko Museum), Kyiv, Ukraine

Pentecost (detail) by Mikhail Vrubel, fresco, 1884, St. Cyril's, Kiev

Artist - Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel - «The descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles (Pentecost).

1885 Врубель М.А. "Богоматерь с младенцем."

1885 Врубель М.А. "Богоматерь с младенцем."

Михаил Врубель

Михаил Врубель

drakontomalloi:  Михаил Врубель - Любовь и голод (неоконченная композиция). 1883

drakontomalloi: Михаил Врубель - Любовь и голод (неоконченная композиция). 1883

771832.jpg (500×430)Михаил Александрович Врубель. Голова ангела. 1889. Фрагмент композиции «Воскресение». Бумага, акварель, графитный и угольный карандаши. ГТГ

Artist - Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel - «The head of the angel. A fragment of "the Resurrection" for painting of the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev