French Riviera / Côte D’azur

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people are on the beach in front of some buildings and blue water with yellow umbrellas
an alleyway in the old part of town with flowers growing on the windows and shutters
a woman with a hat holding a glass of wine in front of a yellow background
Côte d'Azur
an aerial view of the city with many colorful buildings
the city is surrounded by palm trees and blue water
an alley way with several buildings and people walking down it
an outdoor market with palm trees in the foreground and people shopping on the sidewalk
people are walking on the sidewalk in front of buildings and cars, while a food truck drives down the street
many people are sitting at tables in front of colorful buildings
the poster shows people standing in front of some trees
Roquebrune sur Argens
an ornate building with balconies and green shutters
Cannes, France
a man and woman swimming in the ocean next to a catamaran sailboat