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5 Amazing Indoor Science Projects
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Cotton Ball Snowman Craft for Kids – DIY Christmas Card
This Cotton Ball Snowman Craft makes the cutest little DIY Christmas card ever. It’s cute, it’s fluffy and it’s personal.
a poem written on lined paper with an image of a pine cone and the words
5 Ways to Teach Gratitude to Children - Simple Acres Blog
gratitude scavenger hunt
DIY Hack to Make A Water Bottle Lava Lamp
Parenting Hack - How to Make a Glitter Lava Lamp for Kids with this Easy Kids DIY Project
a child is sitting at a table with flowers in front of them and the title reads, a 3 - d nature suncatcher
Make A Magical 3D Nature Suncatcher From A Cardboard Box
A 3D Nature Suncatcher for Kids Using a Cardboard Box from The Artful Parent
a bag filled with green stuff sitting on top of a table
Tracy's Guiding Blog
Fun SWAP in a bag idea. No directions- but the picture is probably enough!
8 Easy Physics Tricks To Try At Home | 8 Easy Physics Tricks To Try At Home 💪 | By Nifty ScienceFacebook
8 Easy Physics Tricks To Try At Home