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someone is holding a white bowl full of green plants on a wooden table next to some twigs
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a stack of tires with a snowman on top
Новая жизнь старых покрышек: 73 DIY-идеи - Лайфхакер
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several different images of white doily on the floor
10 идей новогоднего DIY декора
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three different views of a wooden animal sculpture
Деревянная поделка свинка Пеппа. | Столярный блог.
копилка деревянная
three wooden reindeer statues sitting on top of a lush green field with trees in the background
Easy Woodworking Plan: Log and Stick Reindeer
Have some old logs and sticks and want to do something fun? These rustic reindeer a a great way to use up that old wood this holiday season! Click through for step by step directions #holiday #christmas #ornament
two pumpkins sitting on top of a wooden table
Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins - A Night Owl Blog
This craft was easy and fun. A friend cut the wood slices from a downed tree. I used two different shades of orange here.
three wooden logs with santa claus faces on them and a red ribbon tied around the ends
20 Christmas Crafts - Stay at Home Mum
Could be cute as elves too! Or for other holidays.
two snowmen are standing next to each other in front of the door and one is wearing a hat
Shopping for Christmas Tree Decorations – Get Ready for Christmas
What a great idea! Snowmen made out of recycled logs out of the yard :)
an orange and black striped pumpkin sitting on top of a pile of fake pumpkins
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The Red Painted Cottage: It's Almost Pumpkin Time