the project of the house from containers

Maria Jose Trejos designs a shipping container home in Costa Rica January 2015 Architect Maria Jose Trejos has designed Casa Incubo, a home made from eight shipping containers, that serves as both a residential space and workspace.

Floor shelf with his own hands photo

This bookshelf is approximately 5 feet high, 6 feet long and wide.What's great about this shelf is it's super easy to do, looks great visually and packs up.

project tree house

All images: Antony Gibbon Treehouses are one of the key tenets of the internet (or at least, the archi-web).

the hotel is on the tree

Outdoor:Awesome Treehouse Plans And Designs Beautiful Treehouse Plans

Shelf out of Popsicle sticks

Make this modern DIY popsicle stick hexagon shelf in one evening for only a couple dollars. Adds some mid century mod charm to any gallery wall!

a small house made of containers

Shipping Container Home Design Plans To view the archive of postings – shipping container home design archive. Want to Build Your Own Container Home? I’ve been receiving a ton of reques…

the hotel is on the plane in the Netherlands

Interior aspect of the Airplane Suite, a hotel at Teuge Airport, The Netherlands