Renat Fattyahetdinov

Renat Fattyahetdinov

Renat Fattyahetdinov
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An inside look at Marc Jacobs Fall 2016!

Victorian Goth Ruled At The Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Show


I like how the layer of clothing underneath is made out of feathers, I think that this could be used within my work in sections. I also like how the shirt is very basic with just the black feathers, yet it stands out more than the jacket

I so needed this guy LAST year, I have a Vulture Maven type outfit for Trunk or Treat that would match him fatastically!

COM It's amazing how feathers can totally alternate a look! Loving this goth man and his mysterious look this is a little extreeme goth, but I love the black feathers/ crowlike nature of it

I don't know about you but I can't get in enough of all things leather that's dominating top runways and street fashion around the world. From jackets to dresses, leather is a MUST for the fashion forward crowd. These are my top looks.

This is dark moon's suit at the wedding coronation

I wouldnt wear this of course because im not all into wearing guy clothes but i have a frienf that could definatly rock that Shrine of Hollywood - Rock Couture, Gothic Clothing, Victorian Clothing, Punk Clothing, Steampunk Clothing