"Soviet ANTI-Alcohol Poster. Drunk today, drunk tomorrow, work unfinished - life of sorrow."

Anti- Alcohol Poster "Drunk today, drunk tomorrow, work unfinished - life of sorrow.

Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, 1929-1969

25 Fascinating Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, 1929-1969

(via Super Punch: Soviet anti-alcohol posters)    Huge gallery of Soviet anti-alcohol posters. Via.

Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, Alcohol makes comrade a brilliant conversationalist!

Soviet anti-alcohol poster

Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters from the 1920s—60s

Russian Anti Alcoholism poster: 'Stop', П. Соколов-Скаля, 1929 > No tome, hace mal.

The report also highlights the need for action by countries including national leadership to develop policies to reduce harmful use of alcoh... also links to WHO report.

World's heaviest drinking countries revealed

Here Are The Drunkest Countries In The World -- Total alcohol per capita years) consumption, in litres of pure alcohol, 2010

"Isn't it is said we are pigs ...".SOVIET ANTI-ALCOHOL POSTER

Soy Libre...

Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, "And they say we are pigs." Shut-up, stupid pigs.