Dual Cable tutorial

Dual Cable - Knittingfool Stitch Detail --- Click through for many many stitches.

Узоры спицами, knit, knitting - Tatiana Alexeeva - Picasa Web Albums

Узоры спицами, knit, knitting These Russian (I think) knitters are awesome! I wish I could find a key for their chart symbols.

Celtic Rings - Charted

Good basis for more elaborate work. twisted stitches or knot work in centre cable?



An interesting stitch pattern. Not in English, but it is a stitch chart that looks easy to figure out.

Узоры спицами, много.

Вязание: Технология и Узоры

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Here is a very clever pattern for a dishcloth with cables of 1 by 1 rib and seed stitch. It is completely reversible!