Stepan Golomzin

Stepan Golomzin

My dream of becoming designer :)
Stepan Golomzin
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Pittsburgh, PA by Matt Braun

We slapped some 410 grey on French Paper's 100 lbs Butcher Off White and called it a day.

Vintage Mirror Sign / Southerleigh by Luigi Maldonado for Guerilla Suit

Stoked to see this come to life. Hotel Emma's lobby entrance sign to Southerleigh. x Gold leaf & hand painting by the talented Joe Swec.

Letter C by Graham Erwin

Letter C. Wanted to make the letter form a bit more obscured for this one. Check out the attachment for the full image.

Design Is Storytelling by James Graves

Congrats to SAA grad James Graves for winning the Dribbble/Shopify design challenge!

Sacred Virgin - Screen Print by Derrick Castle

Dribbble - Sacred Virgin - Screen Print by Derrick Castle

I Believe You Have My Stapler by DKNG

but I'm going to burn the building down. Available for purchase in the DKNG Store To see the full series with close up pics please visit our microsite