Фото из статьи: Хранение на кухне: 7 идей и 35 примеров для вашей посуды

Хранение на кухне: 7 идей и 35 примеров для вашей посуды

Best of DIY Home Decor: Small kitchen space? IKEA kitchen interior organizers, like corner cabinet carousels, make use of the space you have to make room for all your kitchen gadgets!

Вариант, когда вместо подоконника можно сделать столешницу. ремонт, дизайн, интерьер, стол, подоконник, длиннопост

Have a look at your windowsill – it can be turned into a cool eating space! You won’t need much space for having breakfast on your kitchen.


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Кухня в квартире № 6 в Киеве - Галерея

Кухня в квартире № 6 в Киеве - Галерея

Хранение в шкафу

Linen Closet: Roll with It. Save space in a shallow linen closet by rolling up towels instead of folding them. Put lost space to use by installing towel racks on the back of the door to hang wrinkle-susceptible linens, such as tablecloths.

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In this article , room decorating ideas , the most beautiful salons, room design examples we share with you .