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Костюм медсестры рентгенкабинета в 1918 году. Фантомас отдыхает:)

Flanders Field. I cannot read about WW1 without breaking down. So awful.


Thích Quảng Đức . A Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk who burned himself to death at a busy Saigon road intersection on 11 June 1963.

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Как критиковали феминисток на открытках начала века

Основная идея открыток: "Если женщина голосует — мужчина страдает".


Veja como eram as apresentações da NASA antes do Power Point


8 Ordinary Photos Hiding Mind-Blowing Details

First, this was taken on August 2, 1914, at Munich's Odeonsplatz, and it shows the cheerful reaction of a German crowd in the plaza during the announcement of World War I, there's a subtle hint of the terror that awaits the country -- take a closer look at the man in the circle and see if you recognize him ... Read more:


Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. Dr. Montessori was the first woman to receive a medical degree in Italy, and following graduation she became director of a school for the mentally disabled in Rome. While at this school she formulated her philosophies, principles, and methods for the education of very young children. She achieved startling results and the children under her tutelage passed many exams given to normal children. Her system of education, which proudly bears her…


24 photos flippantes de la médecine du passé qui vont vous donner des cauchemars