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Природа намеревалась сделать женщину вершиной творения, но ошиблась глиной и выбрала слишком мягкую.


«Когда мы не привязаны к ожиданиям от своих детей, мы сможем расслабиться, быть присутствующими, слушать их и быть с ними без страха. Я не могу ожидать от детей прожить то, чего я сама не могу. Так что, я делаю «Работу» над собой. » ~ Байрон Кейти «Without the expectations we have for our children, we can relax, be present, hear them, and be fearless with them. I can’t expect my children to live what I can’t live. So I do the work on me.» ~ Byron Katie

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Nike Running Holiday 2012 Apparel Collection Lookbook

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"Every little step I take, you will be there, every little step I make, we'll be together" Bobby Brown


Nike would be one of my favourite brands. I was very sporty a few years ago and played Basketball regulary at a high level. I always bought Nike shoes for comfort and found the clothes fit well and last longer .I still use Nike when I go to the Gym and causual tops and pants look legendary

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Workout Mistakes Most Women Make

Present- Kinesthete; Running and pushing myself physically is a big part of my life right now. Being in the military, I spend a lot of time focusing on physical fitness. Over the past year, I've pushed myself into being one of the best runners in my platoon. Voluntary; I push myself because I want to. I spend time bettering myself for me. Picture found through

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Inspirational Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Train Insane OR Remain The same T-Shirt

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