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God's AMAZING GRACE!!! It is also HIS power to intervene for us, protect us, heal us, restore, bless, etc. HIS power is unlimited, and unfailing.

This is so me...but sometimes i go too overboard with it, unfortunately, and not let them know how much theyve hurt me and hurts the relationship...

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The 1 Secret to Squashing Anxiety this Year

yeah, after a hard, long day, it's what always jolts me: Grace isn’t a mere Pollyanna feeling. It’s a *force* -- powerful force. As startling as the power of electricity. Grace always shocks. Grace always stuns. And Grace is always what we need. It’s there for everyone groping around in the dark: *Turn toward Grace -- & you always turn on all the lights.*

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Day Eighteen

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Inspirational Quotes compiled by Life Coach Jaclyn Costello

SHAME says because i am flawed, I am unacceptable BUT GRACE says though I am flawed, I am CHERISHED! #quote

May I never forget. On my best day, that I still need God as desperately as I did on my worst day. AMERICA NEEDS GOD EVERY DAY!!! And SO DO I!!!:)

Yea, i don't deserve you but it's not about anything i did in the first place. ALL YOU. ITs all you LOrd

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