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The top 25 highest paying companies for software engineers (Glassdoor)

25 highest paying companies for software engineers 2013


As a boat cruises through the ocean, water at the bow of the vessel will be pushed against water flowing in the opposite direction. The resulting wave is descriptively known as a "bow wave," which trails away from the boat as it continues on its way. Now imagine a star, powering through the interstellar medium. That star is itself pumping out stellar gases. In the direction the star is travelling, the stellar winds buffer against the interstellar gases and a huge bow shock.


Your resource for learning about GPS gear especially the GPS Golf Buddy Watches. Join thousands of others that are interested in these great devices that can determine distance between shots or spots on the golf course, hazard locations and direction of the flag when view is blocked and more! All on the screen for you to see easily.


Интересные факты о фантастической комедии «Люди в черном» (9 фото) Venus Венера = Venus [viːnəs] - Венера (планета) - Венера (богиня любви в Древнем Риме) - греки назвали ее Aphrodite [ˌæfrə(ə)'daɪtɪ] - венера красавица Известная скульптура-изображение богини Венеры - Venus de Milo [- də'maɪləu ] ['miːləu] = Венера Милосская (скульптура датируется примерно 100 г до н.э. найдена на острове Милос (Греция) в 1820 году и сейчас хранится в Лувре) Возможно Венера получила свое название от древних как самый яркий и…

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Canna DX is amazing device for testing THC/CBDs in medical marijuana. The unit doesn't test moisture balance of the sample and can't do edibles. However, this device is a big step in right direction.


New Direction Recovery’s Drug Rehab in Orange County, CA symbolizes new chances and beginnings. A lot of people seeking recovery centers usually seek another.

'Walk Away' - Franz Ferdinand... So many great songs and videos that it's difficult to chose just one :)