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40+ Subtle White Ink Tattoos Your Parents Won't Even Mind

Lotus flower white ink tattoo on ankle by Brandon


CAROLIGNIAN: Saint Matthew Illumination from the Coronation Gospels; c. 795- 810 AD; Said to have been found on Charlemagne's knees when his tomb was opened in 1000 AD; Like most manuscripts of the Palace School, the Coronation Gospels were only illuminated with full page portraits of the Evangelists. Here, Matthew holds an ink horn & reed pen. The landscape points to the Helleno-Roman illusionistic tradition of art.


Нетоксичных Черными Чернилами Хной Временные Татуировки Наклейки…

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50 Mysterious Yin Yang Tattoo Designs

Another simple looking Yin Yang tattoo that gives you great impact. It is very beautiful especially with the combination of black and red ink against the skin.

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60+ Ideas for White Ink Tattoos

Full sleeve design of tattoos white ink - 60+ Ideas for White Ink Tattoos | Art and Design


Gospel of Charlamange (Coronation Gospels) - John) - see ARH 3728 Class Notes 1-24-12


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51 Amazing White Ink Tattoos

21. Heartbeat Wrist Tattoo Wrists are a common part of the body to get tattooed. This heartbeat white ink tattoo could be mistaken for a bracelet, which may be the thought behind your wrist design. Also what a great part of the body to get a heartbeat line… we all have a pulse here so …


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