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Венские газометры — четыре бывших газгольдера, расположенных в Вене (Австрия) и построенных в 1896—1899 годах. Они расположены в Зиммеринге. Они были созданы, чтобы обеспечить город газом..На тот момент эти газометры были самыми большими в Европе. Однако из-за смены технологий в 1984 газометры были заброшены, так как город перешёл на природный газ, для которого не нужны такие большие резервуары. С этого времени венские газгольдеры использовались для самых разных целей, например, как…

This is a great project for G+T students in fifth and sixth grade. Variations I have done include working individually and letting the students choose anywhere in the world they would like their country to be. The geography and climate of their portion of the earth affects the other aspects, such as history, customs, foods, etc.

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The American Nuclear Society Scholarship Program is open to ANS student members enrolled in a course of study relating to a degree in nuclear science.

This lesson is geared toward increasing middle and high school students’ understanding of and empathy for how homophobia manifests itself in schools and society, including actions they can take on behalf of their school or community.

Are you a student? Become part of your University’s Friends of MSF group and support our work around the world! Friends of MSF (FoMSF) are student societies from various Canadian universities.

Constitution Day or contract/ this--especially since we teach government!


3 Proven Ways to Differentiate Instruction for the Gifted Learner in a Data-Driven Society

Check out the post to learn three proven ways to differentiate instruction for the gifted learner!


5th Grade NYS Learning Standard CITIZENSHIP AND CIVIC LIFE: Constitutions, rules, and laws are developed in democratic societies in order to maintain order, provide security, and protect individual rights. This is an example of a "classroom constitution" made together as a class. It allows your students to become more comfortable as a learning community. Also students are more inclined to follow and not break their own rules rather than rules that the teacher sets.