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Sparta was the only city-state in which women influenced the economy. It was also the only city-state in which teenage girls could participate in sports.

Spartan Women - educated, empowered, and trained and competed in athletics (in a time where no other women in Greece did any of this). Not only were the Spartan men the toughest soldiers that ever lived, but their women were as tough as nails too.

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Six Too Love - Chapter 35 Truth Is...

Except this statement is wrong. The veil that Middle Eastern wear, for example, is from Sumer. Blame the onset of Agriculture. Women had to stay home and care for children while Men could go out and do politics. Over time, a great divide occurs. There are some cultures that did not follow the patriarchal system as seen in Mongols or Vikings, and even Spartan women had many rights in comparison to Athens Women. -Moon Water-