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Тихий домик у озера, Северная Италия

Map of Viking expansion The German-speaking peoples, made up of many tribes, originally populated that part of Europe enclosed by the rivers Rhine, Danube, and Vistula. During and after the decline and collapse of the Roman Empire (c. AD200 - 600) they spread out in several directions, occupying areas as far south as northern Italy. (Saga of the Norsemen: Viking and German Myth; Loren Auerbach & Jacqueline Simpson; London 1997, pg 9)


Christ in the center of the zodiac. In the outer circle represented the four seasons. Image of the 11th century, northern Italy. (From the book "The Hermetic Museum: Alchemy and Mysticism" by Alexander Ruba) / Sacred Geometry <3


Abacus из столицы с сатира в резной орех. Северная Италия. 17-го C.

Ларец Morgan Casket, слоновая кость. Северная Италия, XI-XII вв. - Орнамент и стиль в ДПИ


Северная ИТАЛИЯ - Самые красивые уголки планеты

Стилет. Северная Италия. Ломбардия. 15 век.

Чекан- Клевец. Северная Италия. 17 век.