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Віз в ролі прилавка і одночасно декору

Интересный проект прилавка-острова для бара фреш, Киев

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10 Sneaky Ways to Instantly Gain Extra Counter Space

If you feel strongly about keeping all of your most-frequently-used items out and visible (instead of stashed behind cabinet doors) but don't have counter space to waste, add a level of shelves on your backsplash to store those items. See more at The House Diaries »


20 Sneaky Storage Tricks for Tiny Kitchen

Counter space in a small kitchen is a precious, precious thing — and this savvy solution means you can keep all of your fruit and go-to ingredients at the ready without taking over your chopping station. See more at The Kitchn »

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DIY Budget Cottage Kitchen Makeover

LOVE this flip up extra counter space! NEED! WANT! must have!

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The Bold Look of

Miami Townhouse Beverage coolers and additional storage are tucked into a nook where blackboard paint and extra counter space are perfect tools for entertaining. Explore the home tour.


Additional Kitchen Storage and Counter Space - an unused dresser with missing drawers is updated with a coat of paint and is now the perfect, inexpensive storage option. This is a great fix for a renter and when you move, you take it with you - Heir and Space: An Antique Dresser Turned Kitchen Island

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8 Ways to Create Extra Counter Space in a Tiny Kitchen — Tiny Kitchen Solutions

Lack of counter space is up there in terms of tiny-kitchen frustrations. Even if you've KonMari-ed your kitchen and tucked all your usual space-hogging suspects away, it's possible you'll still come up short. Still, it's easier than you might think to increase your work surface area. Here are eight solutions in order of difficulty from super simple to more involved (read: some degree of handiness required).


Dear Lillie: The Finishing Touches on Our Kitchen Makeover (Before and Afters)

из Good Housekeeping

10 Sneaky Ways to Instantly Gain Extra Counter Space

We'd never make you tuck your coffee maker out of sight if you don't want to (mornings are rough enough as is). But by lifting your MVPs up a level, you clear your counters for meal prep without having to make any sacrifices. See more at The Chronicles of Home » -