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Друзья! Хочу поделиться своей радостью! ❤️❤️Совсем недавно я выиграла в гивэвее от Франи @authenticfrani которая занимается современной каллиграфией. Франи обещал 2 молескина с её авторским оформлением и вот сегодня они приехали ко мне! 😍Это такой восторг!!! Так как надпись была на заказ, то я попросила написать поддерживающие цитаты на русском. Это был первый опыт Франи в работе с кириллицей, и должна признать, это выглядит фантастично!😊 (: я теперь её фанат! 🌹Kаллиграфия Франи…

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And I thank God for those that I have that do support me. Precious few they may be, but I love them and appreciate them deeply.


Surround yourself with those who believe in you, encourage you, and are willing to support you when it rains, not just when it shines. - via:


Surround yourself with people who get it. © katie doucette portfolio


YOUNIQUE! People who encourage my growth. Are you ready?


I state this too so many people. Why I've choose to remain people out of my life. When you have done everything you can too help others , and they can't be there for just simple emotional support system. And they act like the victim! It's just wrong&heartbreaking. It's okay to miss past friendships. When they try to come back into your life , don't feel bad about not allowing them or giving them the time of day to explain. You moved on , just cherish the memories. #peoplegrow #knowyourwor...


I am grateful for good friends who love and support me


I swear everyone in my life is perfect. They reflect me in some of the best ways. We share some of the deepest things with one another and I am so inspired by what I have created when it comes to friendships. The Universe know exactly what you desire in life by what you keep thinking. Although you may not desire it but you keep thinking it you will still get it. You're never saying No to the Universe because as you say no you are giving your attention to it more and more so it gives it to…