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Jon & Charlotte - Young couple - first apartment


Since We Spoke Last Since we spoke last, I dyed my hair twice. And got a couple jobs. And quit a couple more. I nearly got a tattoo, but settled on a piercing instead. I signed a lease for my first apartment, and changed my major back to the one you talked me out of the first time. I got lost a couple times, and learned how to save myself. I figured out how important real friends are. I went on a few dates, and said a few things I regret. I missed you and scorned you in equal measure. And…

Meet Mariana Harrison who moved into her first apartment a couple of years ago and has always remembered her father’s advice.

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4 Ways for Couples to Share Finances

Location: The Adventurer's first apartment after graduating from high school. He shared it with a couple who were friends of the Author (though they didn't know it until after they began dating).

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