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NAIL STRENGTHENER – Method 1 – Soak your nail in 4 tbsp cider vinegar for 2 minutes. Method 2 – Put 1 tsp table salt in a glass of cold water and soak your nails in the solution for 2 minutes


20 Nail Hacks, Tips, And Tricks To Make Nails Look Amazing

The Secret Of Long, Healthy, Fast Growing Nails - Tips On How To Grow Long, Healthy Nails | - Shopping made easy!


20 Nail Hacks, Tips, And Tricks To Make Nails Look Amazing

Nails that are naturally long without the help of tips or wraps are something that a lot of girls strive for. Part of having a perfect manicure is having long nails that aren’t broken and are all the right shape. How do you get nice nails like that? You have to start by treating them … Read More

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How to Grow Your Fingernails Fast?

How to grow your fingernails fast? It can be hard to grow your nails pleasant and long, on the grounds that everybody's nails grow at an altered rate,...

How to Heal Cracked Cuticles (And prevent them too!) Also has a link to how to grow long nails that don't peel and split (biotin and cuticle oil).

2 tsp petroleum jelly 1/2 tsp olive oil 1/4 tsp lemon juice Mix these ingredients together in a container and apply to your cuticles each night before bed. Cover with a lid, and it will keep for a week or two. I noticed growth and strength in my nails within a couple of weeks of applying this treatment nightly.

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Terrific Tips On How To Grow Long Nails

Grow Long Healthy Fingernails

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How to Make Your Nails Grow Long & Strong

This is the effect after 2 coats