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Deer Guard

Do the local deer think of your planters as a salad bowl?This eco-friendly "recipe" is made with products you already have in your kitchen, I used it last year and it works great!

Two problems solved: 1) Modified a deer/rabbit repellent recipe that is cheap to make and has been extremely effective in keeping the critters from eating my tulips. 2) The overpriced deer repellent I used to purchase, was always clogging up the sprayer. Directions: Take a hot needle and poke 20 holes in a milk jug cap. Add 1-egg, 1/2 tsp of Dawn detergent, 1/4 c of veg oil, tsp of hot sauce or cayenne pepper and water to a milk jug. The soap and oil keep keep the pepper on the plant.


Recipe for deer repellant spray that actually stop deer eating your plants. Completely safe and no toxic


How I Saved my Garden - Best Deer Deterrent Ever!

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Recipe for Deer Repellent Using Garlic Powder

All natural deer repellent made with garlic, raw egg and cayenne pepper.

Plant guide to keep deer off your lawn | Remove Kerria shrub from list in MD
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A Comprehensive Guide to Plants That Repel Deer

Plant guide to keep deer off your lawn | Remove Kerria shrub from list in MD

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Deer Eating Your Landscaping & Garden? Here's An EASY DIY Solution!

deers eating your landscaping garden here s an easy diy solution, gardening, pest control

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7 Plants That'll Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden

Before you built that 8-foot-high fence, try planting some of these.


Here are some deer resistant plants that you can plant in your garden and the deer should not eat.