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Дункан Макдональд и его жена. Резервация флатхед, Монтана, 1901-1911.

28 уютных домов, построенных своими руками

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Озеро в Национальном парке Глейшер, Штат Монтана, США

Северно сияние над река Флатхед, източно от град Калиспел в щата Монтана.

Brushing Against, Little Squint Eyes, (San Carlos Apaches) 1898

Assiniboine Indians, no names or date, by orping, via Flickr

Black Horse - second chief of the Comanches behind Quanah Parker. After surrendering in 1875, Black Horse was immediately sent to prison in Florida. Returning to the reservation in 1878, he soon left for Texas under the pretense of hunting buffalo - which turned into what is considered the last Indian raid in Texas. After a running battle with Texas Rangers, Ranger W B Anglin was killed northwest of Midland TX, whereupon, Black Horse returned to the reservation and settled down forever.