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Tips You Can Use to Take Better Photos of Fireworks
из MakeUseOf

Tips You Can Use to Take Better Photos of Fireworks


Free macro photography cheat sheet - part 3

из Pretty Presets for Lightroom

Free Download: Manual Mode Cheat Sheet

Great starter for those just learning how to turn their camera off Auto Pilot. :) Free Download: Manual Mode Cheat Sheet | Pretty Presets for Lightroom


How to hold a camera - here is a Cheat Sheet of what to consider when holding your camera steady.


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Обзор киллерфич обновления Meizu M2 note до Flyme OS 5

Настройки камеры Flyme 5

Несколько советов по фотосъемке от пользователей BlackBerry | BlackBerry в…


Photography Tips: Indoor Lighting Tricks + Camera Settings (Video)

It's easy to think that if you just learn some editing techniques you can make any ole image work for you. Well, we'd rather not spend all our hours sitting in front of the computer editing away so we work to get a clean, light, crisp image straight out of the camera. Whether you're shooting with your smartphone or your professional DSLR knowing the right lighting and how to manipulate it is key. | Think Creative Collective