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DIY Project Plan: Build an Outdoor Sink (Part One) via @deanna hughes Johnson by Studio C


How to hook up outdoor sink using garden hose


I fell in love when I saw this amazing outdoor sink! Laura @destrophoto has styled these #signsandsunflowers perfectly!! She's our winner for this week's #seasonalsisters. Next week get your summer decor ready for #chickensandchalkboards lol can't wait to see what y'all come y'all come up with!


Wow...hook up the garden hose and it's a backporch sink. Great potting table!

Outdoor Sink Makes Water Recycling Simple - This sink is ridiculously easy to make from "found" or repurposed parts (try Habitat for Humanity ReStores). The sink is hooked up to an outdoor hose (no plumbing) and water from it goes into a simple 5 gallon bucket to collect grey water that can be used on landscape. Now instead of going inside to wash garden produce, it can be done at the outdoor sink.


outdoor sink - big enough to wash a mess of kale or collards!


Makes me want to find a water pump top and place it beside my kitchen sink in the spot currently occupied by the dish drainer. This is just so cute!

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