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Этот оригинальный короткометражный мультипликационный мультфильм был создан парой студентов израильской академии «Bezalel Academy of Art and Design», которых зовут Адар Ром (Adar Rom) и Ави Наим (Avi Naim).

Directed By: Buck Creative Director: Orion Tait Executive Producer: Anne Skopas Producer: Katie Boote Associate Creative Director: Gareth ...


FRENDEN • The Yiynova MSP19U Cintiq Alternative Swings for the Fences.


When David started explaining what (a TechStars startup) is, we asked ourselves if this was sci-fi or something real. And, yes, this is damnly real! So, since the beginning we fell in love with this out-of-the-box idea: using old smartphones to count how many people, cars and cabs are crossing our streets to improve our cities and make them smart for real. Is a garden crowded? Let’s add more benches and playgrounds, so citizens can enjoy it more! We sharpened ...


Stan Lee Cole - Separated on Vimeo When cuteness make you remember your old cries!

Cibando. Are you starving? Here's our new video for the best restaurants guide app ever:! CLIENT: Cibando DIRECTION:...

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In The Air Is Christopher Gray (2013) TRAILER

In The Air Is Christopher Gray (2013) TRAILER by Felix Massie. Christopher Gray has been in love with Stacey for quite some time, and no amount of lemonade can cool his desire. Meanwhile, Barry Flint has just bought his son a five-foot python from the pet store.


Art Direction: Giulia Marchetti Animation: Pablo Mardones Voice: Ruben Henríquez