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Освобожденные американские и филиппинские заключенные у главного входа в университет Санто-Томас, который был использован в качестве японского лагеря, прежде чем союзные освободительные силы вошли в город. Манила, Лусон, Филиппины. 5 февраля 1945 г.

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[Photo] Fully loaded DUKW coming ashore in the Philippine Islands, circa 1944

Fully loaded DUKW coming ashore in the Philippine Islands, circa 1944


The oldest surviving manuscript of the Lord's Prayer, with fragments from the Gospels of Luke and John. Written in Egypt in Alexandrian-style text. It was donated to the Vatican Library in March 2007.

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The photographs that shamed America: Harrowing images of child labourers that show children as young as three forced to do back-breaking work in fields, factories and mines

The late 19th – early 20th century industrial revolution in the U.S. was nasty and quite short for many very young working kids – childhood, who needs childhood? These are the faces of the deregulated economy many in the U.S. Congress and elsewhere around the world long for. What say you?


Poland. WWII. Civilians in Danzig carry their personal belongings, looking for shelter, as Russian soldiers work in their midst.


Ingalls Family ca. 1894 Caroline, Carrie, Laura, Charles, Grace, and Mary The Real Little House on the Prairie


“Pit ponies of the coal mines are easily the most controversial working horses in history. Here a mining horse poses with his coworkers. In the 1960s, mechanization eliminated pit ponies altogether.”


“Deadwood gained its notoriety in the late 19th century as a lawless gold mining town. In 1874, General Custer led an expedition to the Black Hills territory owned by the Lakota. During his search, he found gold. This started the rush and Deadwood was formed in 1876. Within 6 months Deadwood’s population reached around 4,800 people. “The town attained notoriety for the murder of Wild Bill Hickok.” - Wikipedia