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MACEDONIA ---------------- Skopje (my step-grandparents were born here, so i hope to spend 2 or 3 months here

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The Submerged Church of Mavrovo Lake, Macedonia

Places ◕‿◕n Earth | The Sunken Church, Mavrovo Lake, Macedonia


The Siege of Tyre was orchestrated by Alexander the Great in 332 BC during his campaigns against the Persians. The Macedonian army was unable to capture the city, which was a strategic coastal base on the Mediterranean Sea, through conventional means because it was on an island and had walls right up to the sea. Alexander responded to this problem by first blockading and besieging Tyre for seven months, and then by building a causeway that allowed him to breach the fortifications.


HELLENISTIC GOLD EARRING IN THE FORM OF A CROUCHING WINGED GRIFFIN Repoussed, the details are added with twisted gold wires of varying widths. The style is reminiscent of the carved reliefs found at Persepolis by Alexander the Great. 4th-3rd Century BCE |


Greek. 500BC-424BC. Silver. Minted in Acanthus (Macedon). The obverse of a Silver coin, depicting a Lion attacking a bull with its teeth and claws. A tunny fish swims below them.


Roman, Head of an Athlete (Apoxyomenos) c. 2nd–1st century B.C.E. Hellenistic or Roman, probably after Lysippos (Greek, c. 365–c. 310 B.C.) Kimbell Art Museum