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A Greek Hellenistic gold pendant in the form of a wide moon crescent centered by a cabochon garnet surrounded by filigree spirals and petals, 1st century B.C.


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Byzantine Gold and Garnet Earrings 5th-8th century AD . A pair of gold earrings each with suspension loop and elliptical plaque, cabochon garnet and granule starburst surrounding


A PAIR OF GREEK GOLD AND GARNET EARRINGS HELLENISTIC PERIOD, CIRCA 2ND-1ST CENTURY B.C. Each with a plain hoop joined to a rosette centered by a bezel-set cabochon garnet, the sheet petals embellished with filigree, sheet cones suspended below ornamented with filigree tongues, capping a spherical garnet bead, an inverted granulated pyramid on the underside; joined to modern gold earwires


SIX ROMAN GOLD PENDANTS Circa 1st Century A.D. Each of hammered sheet joined to a ribbed suspension loop, their edges decorated with filigree wires, plain, beaded and spiral, some with additional granulated ornament, one with pale green heart-shaped glass in a toothed bezel; one with a temple door in filigree; one with pale blue crescent-shaped glass in a toothed bezel, an inverted pyramidal stack of granulation at each point; one embossed with two standing deities; one with a circular…


A GREEK GOLD LION HEAD PENDANT CLASSICAL PERIOD, CIRCA LATE 5TH-EARLY 4TH CENTURY B.C. Made from a die-formed sheet, the lolling tongue separately made, its outer edge bordered by plain wire, the wild eyes rimmed by ringlets of wire, the details of the face and mane further enhanced by stippling and incising, the join to the back-plate ornamented with bands of braided wire, plain wire, and beaded wire, the ridged suspension loop fronted by a rosette, each petal rimmed with beaded wire

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A Hellenistic Gold Granulated Pendant, Eastern Mediterranean, ca 3rd - 1st century B.C.