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Ivory and gold figurine of a goddess or priestess. Minoan. 16th century B.C. | The Walters Art Museum


Tempus fugit: 50 of the most magical and beautiful castles of the world



Журнал "Культура и общество" » Ночь, одиночество… Ночные прогулки… стихи и проза

The great pyramid of Giza is the only of them seven wonders of the world old that still endures, and is one of them large monuments of it history that form part of the heritage world due to its historical. Located on the outskirts of Cairo, this pyramid is the largest of the three and it is estimated that it was finished in the year 2570 a.n.e. destined to house the body of Khufu


Mural painting, God Osiris, God Nesert, tomb of Ramses I, tomb number KV 16, grave, Valley of Kings, West-Thebes, Luxor, Egypt

Журнал Культура Очередь на выставку Айвазовского - отзыв посетителя

Egypt, Thebes (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1979) - Luxor - Valley of the Kings…


Reconstrucion of horse trappings from Pazyryk garve finds.


David Roberts Grand Portico of the Temple of Philae