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A pair of Mallards, an easily recognized species of dabbling duck found throughout temperate and subtropical Americas, Europe, Asia, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The male birds have a bright-green head (in breeding season) and are grey on wings and belly; the females are brown all over. Both sexes have blue speculum feathers and live in wetlands, eat water plants and small animals. This species is the ancestor of almost all of the breeds of domestic ducks. Photo: Richard Bartz


A mallard and her tiny chicks. She looks like one proud mommy! I love her beautiful plumage and her little ducklings hanging out in the background.


A snowy Easter afternoon seemed like a good time to finish this little Mallard Duck felt ornament. Click here to download the pattern. Hope you have fun making him!


Утка mulard сырокопченая вяленая или мускусная утка кряква.

Rock Painting Tutorial - How to paint a mallard duck on rock


Кряква 16" х 20" смешанные крестиком вышивка Подушка


Кряква теряет равновесие на льду и отправляется скользящий по поверхности…


'Кряква' по Robert Havell (1793-1878, United Kingdom)