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Dana: High Priestess ~ Dana is one of the most ancient of Celtic goddesses. Celtic Mythology: The Tuatha De Danann/Sidhe: The Tuatha De Danann are known throughout ancient Ireland as the people of the goddess Dana/Danu (also known as mother). It's important to note that throughout history she became known as Brigit, who then got absorbed into Christian beliefs as a saint. According to the Annals of the Four Masters, the Tuatha De Danann ruled Ireland from 1897 to 1700 BC.


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Airmid is the Goddess of Herb-lore and Herbal Healing. She is the daughter of Dian Cecht, the Tuatha De Danaan's head healer. She knows all the lore, uses, and properties of every herb. She also guarded the Well of Slaine.