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Фотографии Резьба по дереву – 294 альбома

Стихия рыбы — вода, поэтому образ этот связывался также с обрядом крещения: 'Мы же, рыбки, вслед за 'рыбой' нашей, Иисусом Христом, рождаемся в воде', — писал знаменитый христианский богослов Тертуллиан. Буква 'Е' из Парижского Сакраментария. Франция, VIII век


Masolino da Panicale (Tommaso di Cristofano Fini), Panicale di Valdarno 1383 - Florenz 1440 Masaccio (Tommaso di Ser Cassa), San Giovanni Valdarno, Provinz Arezzo 1401 - Rom 1428) Madonna col Bambino, Sant'Anna e angeli / Hl. Anna Selbdritt /Madonna and Child with St. Anne (1424 - 25) wood, 175 × 103 cm (68.9 × 40.6 in) Uffizi


"Jesus cured many of diseases and plagues and evil spirits, and on so many that were blind He bestowed sight." Luke 7:21 "Miracles require two united wills. Should one speak of 'magic' when it is a case of a miracle? Yes, if one understands by 'magic' the power of the invisible and spiritual over the visible and material." Meditations on the Tarot p. 57


Norsk Wood Works -- I have just the place for this mirror!


Dave Ganley woodworking... horse head: very detailed and intricate wood carving done all by hand.


ECHO Chainsaw Carving Team Member Bob King says the view was fantastic when he carved this big owl in a customers stump in Northern, California